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a woman in a white t-shirt stands on the right side of the image, seen from the waist up. Her face is obscurred by shoulder length dark blonde hair. Her hands are placed on a large, twelve inch, spool of cream-coloured string which sits in the middle of a square white plinth in the centre of the image. The plinth is a few inches wider than the spool of string. The backgound of the image is a solid soft grey.

The Long Process of Not Letting Go (2017)

this work is exhibited along with the photographic works Spending My Future Inheritance, this work is projected onto one full wall of the space, and the framed photographs are hung on the remaining walls.

This work is a four hour slow motion video of a performance in which I unwind and re-wind a spool of string which has been in my family for 35+ years.

A long-view of a gallery with white walls and dark brown floors, three walls of the gallery are visible. The centre wall is filled with a projection of a woman in a white shirt next to a white plinth with a large spool of string on it. She is bent forward slightly at the waist and has her arms spread slightly, holding string from the spool in both hands. Her head is bent down looking at the string in her hands and her face is obscured by shoulder length dark blonde hair. The walls to the left and right of the projection each feature three to four large black frames that feature photographs of matches. Each photograph features one to two unique matches that are blown up to fit most of the frame.
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