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March 7th-15th, 2018

Gallery 115, University of Ottawa

Ottawa, ON.


In this exhibition, the artists explore how the camera can be used as a tool to investigate the gaze, and the ways in which we are always under it. Through the idea of the mirror, the artists explore not only how the gaze may come from others and our wish to protect ourselves from it, but also how we may be influenced to see ourselves through the scrutinizing eye of the gaze, as if we were outside of ourselves. Identity and self-examination are key parts of these artists works as they ask the question: are we created by the camera, or do we create ourselves in front of it?


The artists explore the mirror in a variety of ways: the camera as mirror; the gaze as a cultural mirror; and the actual mirror object and how we behave in front of it and see ourselves in it. Time is a key factor in the exploration of the gaze and their identities for these artists, whether through the ritual of photographing yourself every morning and every night, or the act of sitting for a long period of time looking into your own eyes.

Self-curated exhibition in collaboration with Sarah Clothier.

Poster design by Brianna Fitzgerald, featured artwork by Sarah Clothier.

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